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Make your Wi-Fi password something like, “DoYouWantToKiss.” That way, if you ever have a girl over and she asks for the password, you’ll get the chance to ask her if she wants to kiss you. If she tells you that she doesn’t, you’ll be able to recover gracefully by saying, “No, you…

"Don’t take a nude pic if you’re a famous woman and don’t want it leaked."


"Don’t wear a hoodie if you don’t want to be mistaken for a criminal and shot."

"Don’t get drunk at a party if you don’t want to be sexually assaulted."

"Don’t argue with a cop if you don’t want to get killed."

"Don’t walk home by yourself if you don’t want to get raped."

Victim blaming 101: Everyone should live in fear from ever doing anything.

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i’m genuinely concerned that no one will fall in love with me


i am pretty much 3% human and 97% stress


just because i hate me doesnt mean you can

  • me typing in 2009: Hi there! This is a fun email thingy. What r u doing?????? Wow typing is really hard lol.
  • me typing in 2010: Hay guise! It's meh wtf lmao! I don't have ADHD i just IS THAT A PANCAKE TACO TURTLE LOL :3 xD
  • me typing in 2011: Oh my god, are you all illiterate? What do you think this is, 2006? Grow up, you lot of nine-year-olds. Nobody wants to have the Internet tainted with your scum.
  • me typing in 2012: lol whats happening hoo Dis
  • me typing in 2013: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • me typing in 2014: hella
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acoustic cover of me crying


I will never not reblog this gif set whenever it comes across my dash.

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